Ideological Frameworks


the vitriolic space between chance and altered chaos tears apart your self control
like the icicles on vagabond railways there is a culture stuck in all futuristic desires
finding out how to take apart the questions of your unanswered moralities as virtue
our taxonomy of empty sacrifices derives from the mouth of the unfurling unknown
simply there is no direct way, truth, or life without the exploitation of our desolation
pleasure forms in cycles that confers the unanticipated hindrance of a desperation
attested to the soliloquy of a blank cartography as an offering to reactionary fables
I swallow the sun that treads its way into a nuisance of an undying self-anticipation
edge of ardent excess, disguised as the hope, inscribed on the outskirts of this city
don’t go down the path of golden reveries in search of the king of false momentum
let the anticipation become the origin of speculation when attribution takes its flight
the intellectual energy motivates ineffable movement towards the storm filled sight
yet I never could have predicted an outcome in the trying constancy of a visitation
further from the central goal of survival is a historically submerged micro continent
a vertical ascension through credible evidence, counterclaims, and logical fallacies
that is to say knowing, is an unattainable constraint, built on the anxiety of service
and to be buried under the cloud of forgetting there is an anesthetic contemplation
a fair subversion engrained into the woven structure of the hegemonic expectation
for the taste of urgency falls upon the lips of divinity crosshatched with authenticity
scarcity becomes an uneven rite of surreptitious matrimony, a starstruck saturation
furthermore, the edge of known valleys situates in our foreboding gaze of concrete
tragedy from which the skin secreted monument breaks in Shelley’s colossal verse
because I too sample the reflective dawn in a faltering of our desolate precipitation
needless feeling comes as a secondary grasp in the direction of the immortal want
doubt is subsided, discovery astounded, and the unexplored is defined relentlessly
singularity comes as a byproduct of understanding our relationship to human labor
the fruit of production is dismantled by a faltering system of distribution and victory
professed through the tongue of alienation, unity, becomes a tool of disassociation
without empathy, as the spearhead of revolutionary velocity, there is no absolution
merely an unearthed symptom of technological inadequacy as an appetite for fault
certainty is a Hyperborean fantasy, comfort comes from darkness, to sleep is to be

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